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Los Angles has been up and down with its hair salons during these difficult times. Finding the best Los Angeles hairstylist nearby can by a trying time. Most hair salons are currently closed due to the pandemic and hairdressers have had to adapt their business practice.

Los Angeles Hair Industry

If you are currently in the market for a new hair stylist we suggest you stop reading below and just click the image below.

Finding the top mobile hair stylist can be tough, sure you can use apps but it’s always better go with a friends recommendation. Hey that’s a good idea, an app that connects you with your friends and they can recommend different barbers, stylists, salons and imagine if you could leave reviews! We think that if you follow any of the above links you will land on an Industry Hair stylist website. It will feature many filters and be able to find nearby hair groomers via your geolocation. It’s almost as good of one of the many great ideas of Todd.

“I like hair” he said in an Aaron Paul type voice. Speaking of that dude I wonder who cuts his hair. If he was feeling a bit “Toddy”, we bet you that he would CUT HIS HAIR HIMSELF!


We can’t believe we’ve been talking about hair for so long and haven’t even spoke about color correction or even more importantly – grey hair color correction. This is truly an art to master and should done by a highly trained hair professional.


Top Rated Business Nearby Los Angeles

Finding the best-reviewed deals online can be a daunting task. This new website will feature all the best reviewed in Los Angeles. So far they are focussed on finding the top-rated headshot photographers which can be hard because there are so many. It is crucial to do your homework and read all the reviews when deciding who to trust in L.A. Finding deals can also be an exciting process when you are trying to save time. Keep in mind when looking at the nearby business it is not best to find the cheapest but instead of focusing on quality. The last thing you want to do is have to find another “top rated LA deal” so be thorough in your research. Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the world and is home to some of the largest businesses in the world.

Best Reviewed Companies in Los Angeles

When doing a review it is important to keep in mind the pros and cons. Some people like to use the star review system. It usually consists of five stars and you rate accordingly. Be cautious of Los Angeles businesses that have all five-star reviews. The chances of them being fake are high if this is the case. Dig deep and read each comment and if it is all fluff they are probably not legit. Even the highest quality business will have some bad comments. Another tactic is to do a google search using the “business name review”. That way you can find out what objective third party sites are saying. The BBB (better business borough) is a good place to start. Be leery about sites like ripoff report as they can tend to be LA business competitors trying to tarnish the competing company.

An ever changing business during the times of pandemic is a Los Angeles hairdresser. If you are currently looking into all the nearby business to find which one will meet their qualifications of being rated the best. The hair industry is currently going through a phase where most hair stylist’s in L.A. are doing mobile house calls or home studios.


Best Fashion DJ

Fashion dj Lola Langusta

Lola is a fashion DJ, music producer, stylist and creative director.

She was born a fashion baby, and not because she was surrounded by it, but because she was drawn to it. She grew up with very little so she needed to be creative, and did her best to mock the trends with thrift-store finds. She decided if she couldn’t walk the runway, she would do the hair, makeup, styling, and designing instead.

DJ Career

Langusta is a regular at parties held by Valentino, Universal Music Group, and in 2012 worked with Interview (magazine) & Maserati on their special journey “Through Laure’s Lens,” experiencing Valentino’s Pop Pois collection for Art Basel. In 2014 Lola played again in Art Basel for Interview Magazine with Dean and Dan Caten celebrating the 10th Anniversary Performa.[6] The summer of 2015 she played at the Full Moon Festival in New York, alongside Wolf + Lamb, Pillow Talk, Tensnake and Yelle. In the same year, she played with Dj Harvey in Art Basel for an event hosted By Whitewall Magazine & BABËL. During that time she also played with Mia Moretti for the Museum of Modern Art Design Store Installation featuring limited edition Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Cans skate decks at Delano South Beach. In 2016 Lola performed with Prince Royce for the world premiere of MAC makeup’s Selena Quintanilla inspired collection in the legend’s hometown Corpus Christi. In 2017 Lola worked with Louis Vuitton Americas, celebrating the newly renovated Louis Vuitton SoHo store with architect Peter Marino and featured artist, Shuji Mukai.

She currently resides in New York City and Los Angeles



In 2017 Lola released two singles with Monstertooth Records.


  • Shine (Monstertooth, 2017)
  • Bondi featuring Lightning Fantasy (Monstertooth, 2017)

Creative Direction & Styling

In 2017 Lola started doing creative direction and styling for Stoned Fox Magazine. She has worked with top models like Jessica White, Norway top model winner Kamilla Alnes, and Chelsea Leyland.

Fashion DJ Lola